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New product recommendation-Black Garlic


SHIJIAZHUANG,June 7, 2016—For a long time, HEBEI WOSHI TRADING CO., LTD care more about the health. Today we will recommend a new health product-black garlic.

     Black garlic is produced by the fresh garlic with skins that fermented 60-90days in the fermentation tank. The microelement of black garlic is higher and the taste is not as the fresh garlic but sweet and sour. It has the Anti-oxidation and acidification benefits and effceted in boosting the body's immunity, restoring human fatigue and maintaining human health.

    According to the report of nutrition committee, every 100g black garlic contains 53.6g water,1000KJ heat, 41.4g sugar,10.4g protein,5.1gfat,13mg calcium,2.1mg ferrum,52mg magnesium,36mg Na,930mg potassium,1.4mg Zn,Vitamin B6 10.726mg, Vitamin B2 0.126mg and 10.048mg Nicotinic acid.


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