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Jinxiang,Shandong Province : Stock reducing push the garlic prices rising in short-term


    Recently, garlic price inflation has become a focus of public, as the Chinese largest garlic planting center, process center, logistics distribution center,  how the garlic farmers and garlic purchaseers to think aboutthe price Change?
    Because the worse weather last winter,the garlic production is unexpected, resulting in the behavior of reluctant sellers. Garlic prices decided that the most fundamental factors of supply and demand. A listing of new garlic, garlic eager to sell, and quickly return to rational prices. So, this round of price fluctuations in the short term due to extreme weathe. Jinxiang Bureau of Agriculture parties, in order to protect the interests of garlic farming, Jinxiang implementation of the "sell garlic transformation", vigorously develop the deep processing of garlic, the garlic garlic agriculture to industry changes.


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